Culture Online is an educational digital project by the Russian Culture Fund in cooperation with the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum on Cultural Initiatives on the Internet.

Culture Online is a web portal that introduces innovative cultural Internet projects collected on a single web resource, which is quite convenient. Projects can be annually nominated for the Culture Online Award, which takes place within the framework of the Cultural Forum.

Project objectives:

  • Education: to show and make available the latest online cultural initiatives to the broad public being interested;
  • Contribute to the development of digitalization of culture by stimulating creative processes of the branch participants, as well as to the development of creative industries as a new promising field in the economy;
  • Information support for organizers and creators of innovative cultural online projects, including leading national cultural organizations and largest media as well as regional and local cultural institutions that find creative ways to contact their target audience by themselves.

The Fund was established on November 12, 1986 as the Soviet Culture Fund public association; it was supported by more than 50 creative unions, public organizations and cultural institutions of the Soviet Union and its republics – once unified economic and cultural area. The Fund’s formation and development took place under the motto: “Preserve, Master and Multiply Cultural Values”. Having emerged at the stage of radical society rearrangement, the Fund took a dominant role in unification of Russian compatriots in and outside the former Soviet Union. The Fund contributed to the return of more than 130,000 historical and cultural monuments to their homeland. Most of them have been given to the national museums, libraries and archives and included in the non-state and state parts of the Museum Fund and the Archives of the Russian Federation.

In 1993, the Fund was headed by one of the brightest Russian film directors and public figures Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov. The reform of the Fund was completed in the shortest possible time.

Interaction with federal and regional state bodies, the Moscow Patriarchate, important funds and public structures was organized on a whole new level. The Fund was formed as the most important public institution having an effect on the process of national cultural policy creation.

Dozens of new regional museums were created, hundreds of nationwide and international exhibitions, festivals, concerts and competitions were held with the support of the Fund; unique book artifacts were published; periodicals were established in many regions of the country. Creation of an extensive regional network of branches and representative offices allowed the Fund to carry out cultural and educational activities in the most remote corners of our country. Long-term and multifaceted activities of the Fund were distinguished by the President of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin and awarded with the letter of gratitude “For great achievements in preservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage of Russia.”