Author of research papers on national identity. Doctoral student performing a doctoral research in Social Philosophy and Politics.

In 2021, Zhanna Viktorovna became the winner of the All-Russian contest “Pride of the Nation” for her contribution to the national policy of Russia.

Her citizen’s position is based on a firm belief in the need to revive and preserve the identity of Russian culture. This is extremely important for strengthening the national identity and understanding the future of our great country Russia.

“Amazing Russia” book series is based on scientific research and facts about Russian traditions —from ancient times to the beginning of the 20th century. These are books about national arts and crafts, history of the Rurik dynasty, arrangement of the Russian izba, calendar holidays and Russian folklore. Zhanna’s books take a leading position in bookstores across the country, which indicates that there is a high demand in the society for the subjects raised by this unique author.