She started her career as a guest producer of the first Internet show #MINAEVLIVE by Sergey Minaev, then, in parallel with her studies at the MSU Journalism Faculty, she worked as an executive producer of the SOFA program by Sofiko Shevardnadze.

Then, for 3 years, she got experience on the Kommersant FM radio. She went from news editor to author of the Startup in Russian popular program, helped hundreds of startups get PR support, proper acquaintances and investors’ money.

She has been working in the VKontakte social network for the past 7 years. Now she takes the position of Director for Strategic Projects. Together with the team, she is engaged in image marketing of the social network. Specialization: marketing, partner and GR communications, cultural projects.

Author and curator of the projects, such as:







In 2019, she invented and launched on the platform the ISS in Touch show aimed at popularizing Russian cosmonautics: the stars of the film and music world get in touch with the International Space Station (MKS).

For five years, she produced and hosted live broadcasts of #VKlive. Among guests of the broadcasts were Russian and foreign stars: from Denis Matsuev to Daniel Radcliffe.



– The winner of the Proba Awards 2019 in the DIGITAL & Social Media nomination for the ISS IN TOUCH show,

– The INFOPOVOD OF THE YEAR 2020 Russian Media Award – the winner with the case “Day of Theater ONLINE”.

– The winner of the Proba Awards 2021 for the Hermitage Online x VKontakte project