Storytel (one of the world's largest subscription audiobook services) and Capsula (Russia's first delivery service of clothing from stylists)


The project is at the intersection of fashion and literature: girls all over Russia will be able to order images from stylists inspired by cult books by famous writers.

From October 15 to November 15, Capsula stylists will be inspired by cult books and create fashionable modern images for everyone. We don't want to recreate exactly the outfits of the characters: on the contrary, stylists will select each capsule individually for everyone, so that you can look at yourself in a new way, as if from the pages of a work of art.
The project involves five novels: "Dune" by Frank Herbert, "City of Girls" by Elizabeth Gilbert, "The Making of a Marchioness" by Frances Burnett, "Park Avenue Summer" by Renee Rosen, "Taipan" by James Clavell. "Try on the image, turn on the audiobook and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the world that the author draws. Let the best qualities of the beloved heroes be embodied in your new images and become a part of your life!"
By combining literature and fashion into one project, we want to help girls express themselves and their style. This process is very personalized, even intimate. That is why the project does not set itself the task of accurately recreating images from books.