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Virtual Tour of Exhibitions preserves exhibitions even after they are closed, making them available in the virtual environment for an unlimited period - 24/7 and in 360 degrees.

Project is designed to promote artists and exhibition venues: museums, galleries and exhibition halls. Virtual exhibitions might also be advantageous for private collections.
Good navigation helps to see exhibitions of artists at a variety of venues, including the Alvar Aalto Library, the Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Stieglitz Academy, Apartment Museum of Joseph Brodsky, the Tsarskoye Selo Museum, the Vyborg United Museum-Reserve, the State Academic Chapel of St. Petersburg, the Marble Palace, Exhibition Center Hermitage-Vyborg, the Pig's Snout Art Gallery and many others.
Virtual exhibitions have diverse content, embodiment and a wider format compared to the offline ones. Viewers may visit exhibitions that are already over enjoying the effect of full immersion; authors and curators may get creative in a new way and maximize the audience or complement the artist's website or gallery. Virtual exhibition can become an alternative option of a printed catalogue available for an unlimited time.