Understanding Music Academy



Practical classes of effective artistic thinking for students and applicants of musical institutions, professional musicians and art lovers of any age.

Anna Fortunova, the founder of the Understanding Music Academy, musicologist and Ph.D. in History of Arts, has been involved with music comprehension for more than twenty years: researching, teaching, and acting as an ambassador to educate the public about music. In August 2021, she founded UnderstandingMusic.academy.
Main distinguishing feature of the project is an individual approach to the students, thanks to which they become professionals in the field of understanding art, master artistic thinking and become more confident, successful and happy. This system makes it possible to discover the universal essence of the art phenomena and to interpret and implement it with the help of experiencing and embodying underlying the Stanislavsky System. Classes are interactive and held in the form of a dialogue. They often integrate other art forms such as painting, poetry, dance or photography. Understanding Music Academy is targeted at those who study at the conservatories, teach music or write about it, at children and their parents who want to develop their creative potential.
Academy's students come from many corners of the world: North and South America, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Norway, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Greece. There are prize-winners of prestigious international competitions among them. The results of the Understanding Music Academy's cooperation with students: free development of creative potential and holistic personality development, reduction of stress while performing on stage, passing exams, participating in competitions and orchestral auditions, higher success in solo or orchestral career and teaching activities, as well as improved concentration, memory and joy from communicating with music and other art forms. Knowledge acquired in the classes becomes a natural part of the students’ lives and the basis for their own artistic or pedagogical work.