MBU “Centralized Library System” of the town of Votkinsk


Started in November 2020, this project continued the previously implemented offline project with the same name.

Announcement of the new project of the Centralized Library System in the field of development of citizens’ creative abilities “sounded” from pages of local printed editions and Internet resources. This project continued the previously implemented offline project with the same name.
The workshop activities are aimed at online training of novice writers – children and adults in the basics of literary mastery, with testing the original methodology for teaching writing skills by Yu.N. Tulyakova, compiled on the basis of unpublished notes of the writer-townsman Ye. Permyak. Beneficiaries of the project are people who are passionate about literature and books, children with disabilities, participants of literary studios, for whom online seminars, online workshops are organized, where they will be able to “hone” their literary skills, as well as the individual online dialogue with curators attached to each participant, where aspiring writers will be able to get answers to questions. Development of creative literary abilities of the project participants is implemented via activities of the online literary studio, with weekly online lectures, workshops in the project group in the VKontakte social network. High emotional, motivational support for aspiring writers was “performed” by the close friend and colleague of the children’s library, the daughter of the writer Ye. Permyak – Kseniya Yevgenievna Permyak. From the first days of 2021, the project group in the VKontakte social network, the writer Yevgeniy Permyak’s workshop, began to be daily filled with information for novice writers. During January, lecture scripts were prepared and filming began. February and March were the busiest months for the project organizers in terms of creating video content. In addition to this, the group was daily replenished with other interesting and useful information for writers: “motivashki”, tips from famous authors, literary techniques and life hacks.
Themes of the video lectures created within the project: “Yevgeny Permyak as a Master of Words”, “Briefly and About Everything”, “Genres”, “Main Character”, “Composition”, two lessons on illustration, “I don’t believe!”, “Literary Workshop”. For the project participants and subscribers of the VK group, as well as all Internet users, the video tutorial on subtleties and nuances of preparing for the Unified State Exam (EGE) in its part of writing the essay-reasoning. became an additional “bonus” Even before the end of the cycle of 10 theoretical classes, among which there was the virtual tour of the museum room of Ye. Permyak, the period of the participants’ individual work with their curators has started. March, April and the first half of May were marked by curators’ joint fruitful work with their “pupils”. This interaction resulted in 40 literary works of various genres written by children and adults – residents of the town of Votkinsk. The project group in the VKontakte social network also became a publishing platform, where literary works (short stories, novellas, essays, etc.) of the participants of the Writer Yevgeny Permyak’s Online Workshop were published from April 20 to June 3 this year. In total, 6 employees of the Centralized Library System of Votkinsk, 40 residents of Votkinsk and Votkinsky District, 203 subscribers of the project group in the social network took part in the Writer Yevgeny Permyak’s Online Workshop. Ten video lectures have gained more than 8 thousand views.