Storytel — one of the world’s largest subscription services of audio books


The Storytel international audiobook service has launched the Storytel Hub (for the first time and in Russia only) which allows authors to upload their audio works to Storytel on their own, voice electronic texts with artificial intelligence for free, see the analytics for listening and receive the revenue from their works being listened to.

Storytel Hub has let the literary process become more democratic reducing the distance between a debut and popularity for the authors. As for the Storytel library, it is regularly replenished with the latest works of young and brave authors.
The hub is most interesting for young authors that have written their first book and dream about getting it published in an audio format; podcasters that use any opportunity to distribute their programs; lecturers that have created professional series of lectures on the subject of their expertise; active independent writers; readers voicing publicly available pieces on their own, as well as for everyone who wants to get their works published and find a shorter way to their listeners avoiding the traditional schemes. Over a year, Storytel Hub has introduced the option to upload not only finished audio pieces, but electronic texts to be immediately voiced by a smart robot. Besides, the authors have acquired new opportunities: – to analyze the moment the listener loses attention to the content (to correct it in the future); – to examine preferences of the audience; – to see if the content is listened to the end; – to monitor the days when most listening hits were made; – to understand the effect of featuring within the app or in social media; – to get to know the recommendations for audio book design from the Editor-in-Chief before uploading.
Storytel Hub is the shortest way to the listening audience of Storytel. "Storytel regularly receives many requests from the authors and creators of audio content. We are glad that now we can give a chance to any enthusiastic and talented person to be heard and to gain revenue from their creative work. That’s on the one hand. On the other hand, we are constantly striving to let our subscribers listen to the content that is as diverse as possible, to any taste. Our main goal is to have as many interesting and unique projects within one app as possible", – says Boris Makarenov, CEO of Storytel in Russia.