Enjoy wonderful art and learn something new every day – the Smart Art application helps discover arts, history and culture in an entertaining and interactive form.

The free application features hundreds of witty short stories (lovingly told by historian Marina Viatkina) that reveal the hidden gems of the world of art and introduce you to talented artists and outstanding events of the past – a new story every day! What’s more, we have a collection of more than 80,000 images of beautiful and unusual art pieces available for search – from the Middle Age to the modernity!
Our mission is to make you feel inspired and to give you a grasp on arts and culture. We strive to make the arts more available and understandable for people all across the world. Do you like Middle-Age Mondays? Or art detectives? Interested in secret symbols? What about myths and legends? Smart Art is one more curious way to learn about the history of arts. The project is perfect for leisure, in addition to your artistic education or professional research.