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"The Outpost. Save and be Saved" is a continuation and massive conclusion to the story that began in the first Russian audio series, the Outpost, released on Storytel two years ago.

In 2019, Dmitry Glukhovsky wrote and voiced for Storytel the first Russian audio series, the Outpost, a fantasy story in the post-apocalyptic genre, then paused and released a sequel in 2021.
"The Outpost" and "The Outpost. Save and be Saved" are science fiction novels that originally came out as an audio series and only 2 years later as a printed book. Writer Dmitry Glukhovsky not only composed both works, but also read them himself. Dmitry Glukhovsky is one of the most popular domestic writers of our time. He became famous after the publication of a series of novels "Metro" about life after the nuclear war on Earth. But the author is known not only for his science fiction works. So, in 2017, his novel "Text" came out to tell about the few days of a student who returns to normal life after prison.
"In one project we united the most successful Russian writers Dmitry Glukhovsky, one of the most famous opera singers Aida Garifullina and a wonderful folk choir Omut Quartet under the direction of Konstantin Nekrasov, musical producer and lecturer of the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music. We wanted to mix archaic and postmodern, music inextricably linked to the past and a genre narrating the future. As always, we have combined seemingly incompatible things — the most technogenic genre and the most traditional art — and we are sure that we have once again made a very cool project," comments Boris Makarenkov, Storytel’s General Director.