MBU “Town’s House of Culture” of Oktyabrsky Town District, the Republic of Bashkortostan


The idea of the game is simple: the team virtually moves around from point to point, performing various tasks related to unusual facts from the town’s history.

The project is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the town of Oktyabrsky.
The project has the educational task: first of all it is aimed at popularization and motivation to studying the history of the native land, native town by using innovative forms and methods. Due to variety of methodological techniques, the interest in fulfilling the tasks assigned to the participants grows, the age and social frameworks expand. Why is the quest chosen as the main format of the event? Quest is an exciting adventure game. The idea of the game is simple: moving from point to point, the team performs tasks (after completing the task, the teams receive a hint useful for completing the next one), which is an efficient tool for boosting motivational readiness for cognition and research. The team receive all riddles and coded messages in the virtual chat of the quest. Further interaction of teams to perform tasks is also carried out in the virtual space. The tasks of this project are very different in their content: creative, active, intellectual, etc. In course of performing the tasks, the teams will have to thoroughly study historically significant places of their hometown, discover new or little-known facts from the history of Oktyabrsky, thereby expanding their knowledge, and increasing the level of patriotism of all participants. Both family teams and those formed on the basis of common interests — friendly, professional, etc. can take part in this quest. Wide age coverage (currently, the age of participants is from 5 to 70 years old) also allows the project to perform several learning and educational functions at once, including interrelation of generations.
Variety of the quest tasks makes it possible for each team member to reach their full potential. Carefully thought-out scenario, plot, elaborated tasks at every stage kindle active interest, and motivate teams to study the facts they have received in more detail. The tasks themselves and the hidden historical facts have become really interesting and informative because of interaction of several structures of the town: MBU “GDK”, MBU “CBS”, and A. Shokurov OIKM. The quest is designed in such a way that the teams can use various forms and areas of activity: interactive (by interacting on the Internet), physical (moving around the city according to the specified coordinates), and mental (immediately solving coded messages individually or in groups). The quest tasks are monthly updated. The quest continues for six months, and ends with the final simultaneous stage, in which participants should take part in person, in the historical part of the town. The winner is determined by the number of total points scored. All participating teams receive topical prizes.