Children's Music School No. 8 of the Kronshtadt District named after G. P. Vishnevskaya



Educational video for schoolchildren "Guide to the Symphony Orchestra" gives answers to the questions "Where do musical instruments come from?" and "How does a symphony orchestra work?".

Project has an educational purpose and continues legacy of the music guides created by the greatest composers for young listeners who come in touch with the world of classic music for the first time.
This episode briefly tells how musical instruments appeared, reveals etymology of the words "orchestra", "symphony" and lifts the veil from the history of the first performing ensembles. Inquisitive viewers will also get the answers to the questions "How are modern orchestra and ancient Greek theater connected?", "How are musicians arranged on a stage to achieve harmonious sound?" and finally, "How are separate families of instruments grouped in orchestra pit?"
Story about each group of musical instruments is supported by some extracts from the "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" by English composer Benjamin Britten, where richness of timbral colors, design features and dynamic capabilities of the orchestral "inhabitants" are described. Final point of the "journey" is a concert fragment of the Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra.