Municipal State Institution of Culture “Centralized Library System”, Central Children’s Library, Head Maya Vladimirovna Verevkina



The original project on advertising books in the Internet space by using advisory videos.

In 2020, during operation of the central children’s library of the Karabash City District in the conditions of the new coronavirus infection, Maya Verevkina created the original project #PosovetuyKniguMaya The project has found a huge response from readers, young and old, because it’s no secret that 80% of their time people are on the World Wide Web, where they get all the information from. It is there where reading people find books to their liking, independently or by advise.
The project is designed for people of different ages and interests. The presented books are the best works of fiction, encyclopedias and reference books on various branches of knowledge. The key idea of the project is its easiness. The most inexperienced computer user could watch a 5-10-minute video clip and, if desired, leave a review or comment.