Cultural mapping (Pemetaan Budaya) is a database on art, culture, and heritage, including dance, music, traditional theatre, customs, food, and traditional games.

Cultural Mapping was developed by the National Department for Culture and Arts in 2017 as an initiative to provide information about arts and culture to the public/researchers/students, etc. through an online platform. Cultural Mapping (Pemetaan Budaya), as part of an initiative to transform public services, is designed to create a comprehensive database on cultural heritage, art, and tourism.
We hope this website will benefit the community, especially young people, and tourists in general. The Cultural Mapping Program (Pemetaan Budaya) was created by National Department for Culture and Arts to record, document and create a cultural landscape, especially in the areas of performing arts, traditional cuisine, traditional games, customs, local art personalities and cultural figures, and performing arts infrastructure.
The goal of the project is to collect information related to cultural heritage, art and tourism across the country, documenting it in the form of written works, videos and photographs, recording and creating overviews of the cultural landscape that will be useful to end users from all sectors and make the information more accessible to students, researchers and society. JKKN Cultural Mapping provides authentic information about art and culture in Malaysia and is a trusted source for connecting people with industry participants and arts-related activists.