Budgetary Institution of Culture of the Udmurt Republic “M.G. Ivanova “Idnakar” Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve of the Udmurt Republic”


This is “the virtual archaeological excavation” with elements of geocaching. Visualization of exhibits in 3D format, and implementation of the idea of “visiting the museum outside the museum”.

This is also an excursion and a search game. The information will be conveyed to the visitor exactly at the place where the medieval items were found.
For Udmurtia, elements of geocaching in the museum business are innovative. The new form of tourism actualization through heritage will support the innovator’s reputation, which has already been attached to us. Previously, tourists visited only the museum building, the adjacent site and the monument-hillfort itself. The project will expand the visit to the boundaries of the protected area, which will strengthen awareness of the monument scale. It also visualizes the material heritage of medieval predecessors. The collection of artifacts of the 9th – 13th centuries, presented in the exposition and found by archaeologists at the hillfort of Idnakar, will be presented to the visitor remotely, in the form of 3D models. The process of exhibiting is conceived in the form of a game. The essence of the game is that the visitor is involved in searching for modules. The modules (QR) are hidden, without being buried in the ground, on the territory of the hillfort of Idnakar. Each module contains a QR code with the story about one item and the realistic 3D image of the original.
Each module is dedicated to one of 10 themes of the main exposition (bone-cutting craft, metalworking, etc.), and consists of 6 modules. The visitor receives on his/her phone the SMS with GPS-binding and the hint – a reference point for the location of one module. If the module is found correctly, then after scanning the QR, the next point with its hint comes to the phone. The participant who has collected all 6 QR modules receives a “secret” link where the virtual tour about the main exposition, created with applying 3D and 360° mode, is located. Places of “treasures” are provided for in the territory of the hillfort of Idnakar or on the interactive platform at the museum for sedentary people. As a result, there should be a unique online tour capable of becoming one of tourist attractions at Udmurtia. During the game, the relics will be “discovered” and found anew by using new technologies creating the analogy with the archaeological search. And the museum’s mission will be realized in a new sound. The project is implemented by the winner of the Common Cause contest of the Effective Philanthropy Charity Program of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.