Russian Institute of Theater Arts - GITIS



Theater plays based on the works of war veteran writers and concerts by GITIS students presenting the war-time songs were to be held both in Moscow and in other Russian cities, Minsk, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava in the spring of 2020... Yet, the pandemic made its own adjustments.

For a month and a half of the self-isolation period, GITIS students and their teachers used various Internet platforms to rehearse songs and poems about the war, which were later edited into music and poetry videos.
GITIS announced the launch of the theater project on the eve of the year of the Victory anniversary. On the Paths of Battlefield Theatres song and poetry marathon started online on May 7. The main task of the online project was to attract as many people as possible to the celebration of the Victory Day under the conditions of self-isolation. You could record and post a video, download postcards and watch online performance.
Apart from current students, previous graduates of GITIS joined the activity. Future theater designers weren't left aside either. Artists created a series of postcards dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Everyone could save any postcard they liked on the project's website and send it to their loved ones. Since its launch, the online project has gained over 72,109 views.