Baltic House Theater-Festival


12 episodes by the Baltic House Theater-Festival based on a true story.

Each episode is a new "nightmare of any actor": forgetting the text, oversleeping the show, unable to get into the costume, non-approval for the role, losing voice, urgent input, losing the grain of the role.
One not very fine day, actress Maryskina finds herself all alone in a confined room - terrible! Every morning she wakes up in a cold sweat, torn by inner demons: "I'm unwanted! I'm ugly! Directors don't understand me! And above all: I'm dying to play!"
What to do? Maryskina seeks advice from her parents who are away in the country. Talks to her psychologist at the clandestine therapy sessions. Nags her director who lives with the theater's prima. Shoots herself for film tests by the advice of her agent. And even turns to a fortune teller to get to know the future. Actress Maryskina lives for the day when theater opens and her world becomes the same again.