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An international online platform for exchange of experiences and reality interpretations. A venue for a dialogue and generation of new meanings.

The NEW NOW program responds to the brightest ideological transformations and challenges of today, helping shape our shared future. We live in the age of significant social and cultural changes, transformation of customary norms and ethical standards, of new challenges and threats. The familiar world becomes a thing of the past so rapidly that it’s getting more and more difficult to understand what exactly is changing and, most importantly, what we think of it.
The NEW NOW program introduces the global audience to the cultural context of the modernity with a focus on its contradictions. We don’t set the goal to find direct answers for difficult questions. Together with the guest speakers — culture theorists, philosophers, anthropologists, curators, practicing experts of various fields – the project team tries to gain insight into the international agenda and to describe the world’s transformation which occurs at the moment, right in front of us. NEW NOW 2021/22 comprises eight thematic modules. Each module includes a moderated discussion available for online viewing, and a list of extra materials selected by both the author of the program and the speakers themselves for a more comprehensive and independent immersion into each offered topic. The topics of 2021/22 include: physicality and identity issues; reality and post-truth; technologies and borders of freedom; environmental agenda and neo-mythologism, transhumanism and mental health.
The participants of discussions are philosopher and writer Federico Campagna, publisher and feminism researcher Sarah Sheen, curator Lucia Pietroiusti, media activist Franco «Bifo» Berardi, philosopher and interdisciplinary researcher Timothy Morton, philosopher and writer Reza Negarestani, climate justice and decolonization researcher Suzanne Dhaliwal, and many others. All meetings were held in English with a simultaneous interpretation into Russian. Live broadcasts of discussions, as well as extra materials are available for the audience at the NEW NOW website. Goal: 1. Immersion of the global audience into the modern cultural context. Exposure to the works and researches of the world’s thinkers. 2. Analysis of transformation of the society, social and cultural relations, customary norms and ethical standards. 3. Search for answers to global challenges of «the new normal».