Saint Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music


In 2021, the International Ethnic Festival "Music of the World" by the St. Petersburg Museum of Theater and Music was held in a hybrid format. Online broadcasts of the festival were held with the support of the VKontakte network on August 14 and 15.

The idea of the festival is both to preserve national traditions and to try to speak to the audience in a language of modern music.
Ethnic festival “Music of the World” was set up by Saint Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music in 2016 and welcomed musicians from all over the world. Skillful hands of the festival participants make museum rarities start to "sing". Ethnic instruments from the Sheremetev Museum of Music, one of the world's largest collections of musical instruments, include saz, goblet drum, Bashkir kurai, mouth harp, Russian gusli, kalyuki flute, rebec, jouhikko, kantele, bouzouki, duduk and other countless virtu.
In 2021, as part of the festival, a series of workshops and creative meetings with musicians took place at the Sheremetiev Palace — Museum of Music. They were devoted to a variety of topics, from harp and balalaika lessons to a concert story about Kazakh national instruments. A series of excursions devoted to Russia's largest collection of musical instruments also took place. The festival was continued by concerts of internationally recognized masters of ethno-music and their young followers in the Theater For Young Spectator named after Bryantsev. Festival activities were broadcast on the museum's website and in the festival group on Vkontakte.