New Culture Foundation for the Creation and Support of Traditions


An annual project to preserve and update digital audio-musical heritage.

This is an annual project to preserve and update digital audio-musical heritage, curated by the New Culture Foundation, a three-time winner of the Presidential Grant Fund contests (2019–2021).
The project creates an archive of music recordings and video clips (releases) produced in St. Petersburg, and maintains ratings and awards. The project is unique, first of all, in its attempt to conduct an all-encompassing archiving endeavour within St. Petersburg in the field of digital music audio recording, not yet covered by the state and commercial organizations. The project also includes St. Petersburg Musicians volunteer community which has the mission of sorting and selecting the best works, and presenting them to the general public, researchers, and the next generations.
Beginning in 2020, the project includes the following activities: – 100 best songs of St. Petersburg Rating (annual); – 100 best video clips of St. Petersburg Rating (annual); – Best St. Petersburg Album Award (annual).