«Riki» GC


«Malyshariki» is the first educational project in the child’s life! Main characters are animated toys that explore the world together with the child, helping him/her grow physically and emotionally.

The first-in-Russia entertainment and educational animation project specifically intended for babies aged 0-3.
The project was developed with the assistance of child psychologists and educators to cover all areas of the child’s life starting from the very beginning ¬– health, physical development, cognition, socialization, labor and creative work. Each «Malyshariki» character has their unique personality and temperament.
The main characters are animated toys the child will explore the world with, those that will help him/her grow physically and emotionally, learn to make friends and communicate with peers and adults. Our goal is comprehensive and safe development of a child. That is why the project was developed with immediate assistance of child psychologists and experts in pre-school education. «Malyshariki» will make the process of upbringing and teaching easy, funny and well-balanced!