Parish of the Church of the Nativity, Akhlystino village


A series of variously-oriented events, which includes the "Contemporary Art in the village" project, ecological game, workshops, online flash mob and other events, culminating in a holiday festival in the village of Akhlystino of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The project was created on the basis of the annual holiday "Live, village!" and has already gone beyond the boundaries of the village and the district. It was conceived to revive the village through the revival of folk traditions and rural ancestral folk crafts.
Annual holiday in the Bashkirian village of Akhlystino in the Kushnarenkovsky District started from the reconstruction of the parish of the old orthodox Church of the Nativity in Akhlystino village. People who care about their village come together on a meadow beside the Church regardless of their religion, nationality and political beliefs. Authors and participants of the project from different localities of Russia keep being active in the social networks of the project through the course of the year telling about the life of their villages and settlements on the project's VKontakte and Instagram pages.
"Live, Village!" project was implemented in 2021 by means of a grant given by the Russian Culture Fund as part of the Volunteers of Culture program and the Creative People federal project, as well as the Culture national project. Project receives information and consulting support within the framework of the Patronage Program of the Thursday Russian Fund for the Development of Cultural Projects.