Floberium LLC. Literary agency and school


In Russia, the unique and single collaboration between a literary agency and a school of writing. It assists aspiring authors, and accompanies them through the bottlenecks of the publishing world to the release of their books.

“Floberium” provides support to a novice writer from the idea to the edition. And this is the probability that the talent will not give up and will not kick the bucket in the fight against difficulties of the book market.
“Floberium” is the first company in Russia, under roof of which a literary workshop and a literary agency have joined. In the agency, experienced writers (more than 50) act as masters and mentors of novice authors who are educated at the literary school. Dina Rubina, Valery Bochkov, Semyon Zlotnikov, Anna Berseneva, Vladimir Sotnikov, Dmitry Likhanov, Galina Artemyeva, Valery Bochkov, Aleksandr Melikhov are those masters of literature who have repeatedly conducted workshops for students of “Floberium”. Our school of writing skills is represented by various formats: online and offline; major course “Try, create, publish”, special courses “Mean endings trouble: The skill of writing the finale”, “Well begun is half done: How to start the book so that the reader does not want to finish reading”, “Dramaturgy: Wonderful cure for longing”, “Kill me gently: Art of love scenes in literature”, etc. The best students of the school become authors of the agency.
For a short period, several graduates (G. Stepanyan, O. Stakhovskaya) have been employed by the publishing house, some of our students have become prize-winners of literary awards for beginners (S. Sologub). The first collection of the “Floberium” graduates’ best stories — “Emma B. wants to meet” — is being prepared for release. We are sure that many authors, whose debut stories were included in the collection, will eventually become noticeable phenomena in literature. We intend to make the release of these collections a serial project.