State Budgetary Institution of Culture of the city of Moscow "M. A. Svetlov Central City Youth Library"


To commemorate a 200-year anniversary of Ivan Turgenev, Svetlov Library released "Library Dive" — VR-clips after the works "Bezhin Meadow" and "Spring Waters" with the participation of Yuri Kolokolnikov and Aglaia Tarasova.

In 2018, the library became the curator of the city-wide "Library Night" event, in which it has created a new outreach format to promote the works of Russian classical literature. To celebrate Ivan Turgenev’s 200th anniversary, the library launched "Library Dive" project based on specially created three-dimensional clips in VR (virtual reality) technology after the story "Bezhin Meadow" from "A Hunter’s Sketches" series and the novel "Spring Waters" with participation of famous actors Yuri Kolokolnikov and Aglaia Tarasova.
The main idea of the clips was to demonstrate how our imagination creates reality in the process of reading. To do this, the director of clips discussed with the actors what exactly they imagined when reading the selected passages. These ideas formed the basis of the clips — they were drawn from the associations and fantasies of the readers. Clips were filmed in real time using VR animation technology while actors were reading the text.
To watch a clip, just turn on the video on your portable gadget and rotate it 360° around yourself; for complete immersion, wear special VR glasses. Goal: Promotion of works of classical literature among adolescents and young people.