«Inclusion» Art Projects Centre under the British Embassy, UK-Russia Creative Bridge 2020-21



A series of webinars by acting professionals of inclusive and social theatre of Great Britain and Russia.

«Learn Together» is a program that was made as an innovative international project aimed at deepening the knowledge in the field of inclusive and social theatre of Russia and Great Britain in terms of management, promotion, teaching methods and interaction with the community of inclusive theatrical projects.
The program constituted a series of webinars by acting professionals of inclusive theatre. They were: Jenny Sealey with her webinar «The Pioneer Experience of Creating Inclusive Theatre Practices»; Kevin Walsh, Executive Director at Graeae Theatre Company, with his webinar «A Management System for an Inclusive Theatre»; Jodi-Alissa Bickerton, Creative Director at Graeae Theatre Company, with her webinar «The Role of Inclusive and Social Theatre in the Society»; Alexander Savchuk, teacher of Inclusion: Saint Petersburg, Director of the Lusores Theatre, with his webinar «Find Your Voice»; Mark Smith, a deaf choreographer and actor at Graeae Theatre Company, creator of the Deaf Men Dancing project, with his webinar «Hearing the Dance»; Yulia Potselueva, curator of Inclusion: Saint Petersburg; Anna Zinovieva, curator of Inclusion: Novosibirsk with her webinar «Experience of Creating an Inclusive Theatre School»; Natalya Borutskaya, teacher of Inclusion School: Moscow, with her webinar «Singing. Sounding. Breathing»; Anna Zinovieva, curator and teacher of the Inclusion: Novosibirsk Drama School, with her webinar «Cognition of Yourself and Other through an Artistic Image».
The webinars covered various areas of work of the inclusive cultural project: from the management system, search of funding and promotion of inclusive projects to the original methods of working with artists who have disabilities and unprofessional actors. Teachers, actors, directors, managers, specialists of social and cultural projects and social organizations that see inclusive and social theatre as a part of their area of interest participated in the program as the audience. Webinars were held in Zoom with interpretation into Russian and the Russian sign language. The goal of the «Learn Together» project is experience exchange between Russian and British specialists in the field of inclusive arts, informal communication, a look into relevant foreign and Russian teaching methods, ways of inclusive project organization and promotion.