Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Centre for the Development of Contemporary Culture and Media


Group art project in the format of a digital gallery from Murmansk collective of musicians, filmmakers, photographers, designers and media artists.

The Isonation Gallery became a logical continuation of the Digital Art School project, an educational project in contemporary art, which was originally conceived to be implemented exclusively in offline format. is an artistic statement about the global epidemic crisis and a subjective reflection on the theme of "isolation", chosen by Digital Art School participants as the focus of their further research.
Digital Art School is a creative educational project featuring lectures, workshops and performances by various experts in technology-based art and modern media. It is a platform where experts in several areas of audiovisual art present their experience and expertise, co-creating a multifaceted picture of contemporary tools for emerging and professional digital artists, musicians and curators. The idea arose from a joint initiative by the organizers of Inversia audiovisual festival ( and Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Centre for the Development of Contemporary Culture and Media ( to create an alternative educational platform. According to the idea of the authors and curators of the project, a series of events created within the School will reduce the threshold of entry into the world of technology-based art for a wide audience, and become an opportunity for the existing local creative initiatives to adopt the experience and join collaborative projects with experts from the School. The format is a series of daytime lectures and workshops where invited experts and participants share experience and study the Russian and global insights into the technology-based art: projections, audiovisual performances, design projects, cinema and music. The project should have resulted in a series of individual works of the School participants which was to be exhibited at one of the gallery sites of the city.
But the events of spring 2020 changed the initial plans of the curators and participants, and in the process of the project implementation, it was decided to transfer the final collective and individual works of the participants into the format of a digital web gallery The artists presented their own interpretation of the current situation around the spread of the virus in their city, country and the world. Stereotypes, myths, rumors, emotions, household problems, and media reactions are all reflected in the artists’ work.   Goal: shaping an active network of artists, musicians, and curators working with technology-based forms of art in the Northwest Federal District of the Russian Federation. Project objectives: – determine the key areas and forms of work of the Digital Art School; – create and develop the Digital Art School program; – technical development of the web gallery shell; – holding a scheduled series of lectures and events at the Digital Art School; – development and preparation of the final works of the participants for presentation within gallery.