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Virtual interactive exhibition complex was created by schoolchildren as part of the project of the SAMI newspaper and contains information about cinema figures whose lives are connected with Altai.

The virtual resource contains information about actors, directors, cameramen, screenwriters and other cinema figures who were born or lived in the Altai Territory, a total of 107 personalities. Localities associated with the biographies of Altai cinematographers are marked with markers, clicking on which you can open information cards about them.
Within the framework of Modern Museum by the hands of modern children project, which was implemented by the editorial office of the SAMI newspaper with the use of a grant from the Governor of the Altai Territory in the field of socially oriented non-profit organizations, in cooperation with the State Museum of the History of Literature, Art and Culture of Altai Krai, an interactive map was created reflecting the pages of the history of Russian cinema associated with the Altai Territory. At the bottom of the map there is a timeline: a temporary tape, on which films shot in Altai are printed in chronological order. Information cards about them are provided with short video clips. Timelines have also been created based on the biographies of individual outstanding cinematographers, they were developed, as a rule, by fellow countrymen of cinema figures. For example, a timeline about the biography of Ekaterina Savinova was created by schoolchildren of the village of Yeltsovka, where the actress was born, based on materials from the branch of the State Museum of the History of Literature, Art and Culture of Altai Krai located in Yeltsovka, the memorial museum of the actress E.F. Savinova. The cinema map is posted on the Internet and provides remote access to information about the history of cinema in Altai. However, only the local version is available on the network and information is given that the full content of the cinema map can be found in the stationary exposition of the State Museum of the History of Literature, Art and Culture of Altai Krai. The full functionality of the cinema map is available to visitors on the touch panel installed in the museum hall "Altai in Domestic Cinema".
The project is valuable for involving schoolchildren in the work of creative reinterpretation in modern media formats of information about fellow countrymen who are cinema figures. Participation in the project allowed teenagers to master the basics of multimedia technologies and get their first experience working with historical materials in partnership with the museum's scientific staff. The goal is to create a resource that would combine a scientifically reliable database and an exciting attraction that would be attractive both for serious researchers and for schoolchildren and students. Tasks: - Accumulation, systematization, verification and publication of information about cinema in connection with the Altai Territory; - Ensuring the availability of information about the regional history of cinema remotely, including in spite of any quarantine measures; - Promotion of activities carried out by the State Museum of the History of Literature, Art and Culture of Altai Krai via the Internet; - Organization of interaction between schoolchildren and museum researchers; - Involvement of schoolchildren in the creative rethinking of information related to the history of the small motherland; - Mastering of current media technologies by schoolchildren.