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Documentary story about 24 families of labor migrants on both sides: here in Russia and in their home country Tajikistan.

This story is about the families of migrant workers from the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan. In the Cold is an alternative story of labor migration from Tajikistan, a story from an inside, or, if you want, a story "from the beginning".
The first part of In the Cold project by Ksenia Diodorova is dedicated to the families of the Pamir Mountains, their traditions and everyday life, hardships and winter cold they face; the second part is about the Tajiks of St. Petersburg and Moscow, immigrants from families living in the Pamirs, migrant workers who have become builders, janitors and cashiers in Russia. Series of photographs form the scope the documentary history - it is here where the separated Pamir inhabitants and their close relatives working in Russia "meet".
Project texts are taken from the author's diaries and transcripts of audio and video interviews with the heroes of the project. Several slides show quantitative and qualitative data that help to understand current economic situation in Tajikistan and understand the causes of migration. Linear manner of the narrative is balanced by video inserts, which make it possible to immerse yourself in the life of the characters through watching the short episodes.