An integral role is played by personalization in combination with re-engagement, augmented reality for visualization of art and exchange of content with the community. We create bridges far beyond the borders of the physical world.

There is nothing better than an offline exhibition. And no digital tools will change it. However, digital solutions can improve the quality of exhibitions significantly. Ways of perception, creation and interaction with art are constantly evolving which leads to a need for generation of continuous pleasant experience on a multi-level platform that unites the physical and the digital into a unique artistic Phygital platform.
Our vision is to rethink smartphones as a tool for engagement improvement rather than as a distraction, and to help artistic institutions attract new audiences. Benefits: 1. Complete access on any tablet or mobile device based on iOS or Android, or on PC. 2. A multi-language tool available in four (4) languages: German, English, French, Spanish. A more customized user interface. 3. Fully-controllable customer service or autonomous content management. 4. Re-engagement: the iazzu technology allows notifying the users on the upcoming exhibitions, recently posted profiles of artists and pieces of art in the language selected by the person. 5. The augmented reality (AR) functions allow visualizing any piece of art in any room easily. Two modules are available: a LIVE-AR module and a «View in the Room» module which allows visualizing any art works on the downloaded image of your own space of any size, color and angle. 6. The direct dialogue between an exhibitor and art connoisseur/collector has become more accessible than ever. People can connect in the app chat to start talking in real-time mode, send an e-mail or make a direct call to each other. 7. Currency converter and conversion calculator (cm and inches). We show prices and sizes to the collectors in the currency and measurement units they prefer, thereby offering a better and more customized digital interface.
We think that trends are undoubtedly about customizing the offers, re-engagement of the audience and content exchange with the community. Iazzu strives to achieve its goal – to make art and culture available and easily understandable for as many people as possible! We have developed the first application that combines art viewing with augmented reality, thereby offering an efficient tool to add digital value to the physical exhibitions. Due to iazzu, it has finally become possible to expand the coverage, to re-engage the visitors and the global audience and to get direct requests in real-time mode. If the younger generation has no opportunity or desire to visit offline exhibitions anymore, perhaps, because of a lack of interest or experience, our task is to offer them opportunities matched to their tastes, preferences and expectations. The iazzu online viewing platform (OVR) and enhanced capabilities of augmented reality (AR) can help exhibitors attract a wider audience of art lovers due to a game-like approach and massive opportunities combining art and technology through the app. Our Phygital platform builds bridges, not barriers, because that’s what culture should do!