Lev Lvovich’s original project about cultural life in form of interviews with remarkable personalities – culture experts and opinion leaders.

The project is aimed at revealing the best sides of the program guests and raising the viewers’ awareness of the significance of culture and arts through the lens of views of opinion leaders.
The author, screenwriter and host of the project is Lev Lvovich. Art expert, blogger, candidate of economic sciences. In the future, we want Headquarters of Culture to become a space that consolidates the society of culture, people of art, or just those interested in its various forms. The topics covered by Headquarters of Culture include cinema, fashion, music, literature, theatre, and psychotherapy. Our guests: Alexander Vasiliev, fashion historian; Andrei Kurpatov, psychotherapist; Yulia Solomonova, poetess; Yury Galtsev, Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation, Artistic Director of the Arkady Raikin Variety Theatre, and others.
Project idea: to benefit the society by obtaining answers to complicated, vital and professional questions from experts in culture and arts. Project objectives: popularization of culture and arts among the youth. To make culture more accessible, easier to understand, more interesting and modern. To ensure maximum coverage of the audience interested in culture by inviting experts from various fields of culture. To enlighten people, to help them find their true Self and answer the question «Am I happy?»