Vladimir Natanovich Shatsev, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, school literature teacher with 40 years of experience


The project teaches children to love books. Each podcast issue is a short work, voiced by theatre and movie actors.

An experienced literature teacher accompanies the recording with comments that help to truly understand the text meaning. The musical arrangement is made by a professional composer.
The task of this project is not just to entertain the child by reading aloud, but to teach him or her to truly understand and love books. Vladimir Natanovich Shatsev, a literature teacher and candidate of philological sciences, will help us in this. For almost forty years in schools and universities of St. Petersburg, he has been teaching children to read, feel and understand a literary text. And now, teaming up with a composer, a sound engineer and young actors, in this podcast he will share what he knows and loves to do.