Kronstadt Palace of Culture State Budgetary Institution of St. Petersburg



Entertaining game project where kids plunge into adventures and learn a lot of new and interesting things about the lighthouse service and the history of Kronstadt.

Program takes place both online and offline where children participate on site, complete the tasks and take competitions.
"Brave and cheerful Captain Compass cannot live without adventures. Having found himself on Kotlin Island, he discovers a message left on the coast of the Gulf of Finland by his faithful friend the cook, Pryg-Skok ("Hoppity-Hop"), who got lost and asks to set him free. Then the captain turns to the brave and courageous kids who complete tasks of the game program swiftly and skillfully, earn some hints and decipher the message. Then the captain goes to Fort Constantine to the Museum of the Lighthouse Service, where his friend is, as the message says..."
Kids will go for an exciting adventure led by Captain Compass and his faithful friend and assistant cook Pryg-Skok. They will visit the Lighthouse Service Museum located at Fort Constantine. They will learn how the "guardians of the seas" have changed over the centuries, see models of lighthouses and giant lenses, the oldest of which was made in 1857, and hear an informative story about one of the oldest lighthouses of the Baltics and Russia — the Tolbukhin Lighthouse. Moreover, they will be able to participate in the drawing competition "Lighthouses of Kronstadt" where Captain Compass and cook Pryg-Skok will choose three winners and reward them with gifts.