State Regional Autonomous Cultural Institution S. M. Kirov Murmansk Regional Palace of Culture and Folk Art



Governor’s New Year Party in the form of an interactive educational online game to congratulate children without leaving home.

Governor’s Christmas Party format in 2020 was unique, free of restrictions, being an interactive educational online game where the children were not merely watching a broadcast of the show but became full participants in the event.
We went on a virtual journey through the Kola Peninsula with young travelers Masha and Sasha. The action took place in five locations: Gorelaya Mountain in Murmansk, Teriberka village, Lovozero village, Kirovsk town and Five Corners Square in Murmansk. Each location is a synthesis of computer graphics and live characters performed by actors; that is, a real live character was placed in a virtual computer world. As a result, we saw a drawn space in which a person descends the hill on a virtual snowboard, skis or a snowmobile, avoiding obstacles. Accompanied by the Snow Maiden, who was also the game moderator, children solved online problems, puzzles, and passed the arcades, guiding Sasha and Masha and helping them on their journey through the Murmansk region. Only together they were able to get to the main Christmas tree of the Arctic Circle, where with the help of the collected toys they decorated the tree and lit the lights on it. All of the questions that the Snow Maiden asked were answered by children in the comments; this is where we saw their activity. A pleasant surprise for all children was a congratulation from the Governor of the Murmansk region A. V. Chibis.
Instructions for connection: - download ZOOM software in advance - get an invitation card with a password to enter - go to odkkirova.ru, click on the button «Fairy Tale in the North!» - connect to your performance room indicated on the ticket (1, 2, 3, 4) - enter the password indicated on the ticket In this format, 12 performances took place over six days. Each of them was visited by more than 300 persons (70–80 per each performance room). Subsequently, a video version of the game-presentation was made to complete the marathon of the New Year’s fairy tales broadcast on the website of the Palace of Culture and on YouTube portal from 1 to 10 January 2021.