F11 Gallery



Independent project aimed at creating and hosting online photo exhibitions. Each exhibition has its own concept and configuration and is available to the audience within one month only.

The main task of the virtual gallery is to present a photo in such a way that the viewer could feel the significance of each image.
With the advent and development of photography, attitude towards the uniqueness of a visual art work has changed. It is not the physical object that matters now, which is the imprint only, but the photographer's vision secured in it: the way a camera man sees, chooses, thinks and shows his experience of interaction with the world. This contact may become a unique revelation, or it may turn out to be a tired cliché. Anyway, there is a person with his/her individual perception behind almost every photo.
Digital environment has made visual garbage and pieces of art equal. Both are accessible by the viewer in the same way, and since there's no formal hierarchy, it is not easy to separate one from the other. F11 Gallery is where public can regularly see a variety of exhibitions by the authors united by same attitude to photography as an independent art form and a way of understanding the world. New exhibitions start in the gallery on the 11th day of each month.


How did you come up with this idea?

When we create an exhibition, we actively interact with a photographer and try to find an exhibit configuration that would allow us to reveal the material in the most precise way; we also consider how photo is perceived from the screen. The idea of a virtual gallery has been in the air, since photo images have been existing online in quite limited forms. Therefore, we strive to create a special style of photo presentation online. We rely in many ways on our experience in creating exhibitions offline, but we do try to use opportunities that virtual environment provides as well.

What is the most difficult thing in your project?

The most difficult thing is communication with the authors. It's also hard to come up with something new and avoid cliches.

Why do we need projects like yours? What is their value to people?

Such projects are needed by the audience most of all. Many outstanding photographers remain unknown, or to be more exact, their works drown in an endless visual stream. We want our gallery viewer to stop and to get inside slowly into a special photographic vision of each author.