Kronstadt Palace of Culture State Budgetary Institution of St. Petersburg



Online music project recalling the songs of bygone times, telling about their creators and performers, and presenting up-to-date versions of the hit songs popular in the distant years.

The Kronstadt Palace of Culture launches online cycle of music programs where every episode is dedicated to a certain song from a certain period of the twentieth century.
Soloists and employees of the Kronstadt Palace of Culture appear in video clips to convey the spirit of the time when a musical work was created. Costumes, jewelry, musical instruments, decorations, props, interior objects, makeup and lighting make up the artistic finish and create the atmosphere of the music piece.
Each episode is accompanied by an article devoted to the authors, the history of the song's creation and the epoch when the musical composition was written. More than 10 episodes have already been released and filming continues. Musical cycle "Everything that Was Before" started with the pieces created in the 1920s -1930s, and new episodes refer to the hits of the other decades.