ECOCUP Green Documentary Film Festival (Gorod Twist LLC, Natalia Vitalievna Paramonova)


The festival of documentary films from all over the world that inspire the solution of existing problems on the planet in the context of sustainable development.

ECOCUP is an annual international green documentary film festival. Since 2010, the ECOCUP festival has been bringing to Russia and the CIS countries the most interesting documentaries from different countries about what is happening on the planet and with the planet, about people and projects that are trying to make the world a better place.
Over the years, ECOCUP has been held in more than twenty cities of Russia, as well as six cities of Ukraine, six cities of Belarus, two cities of Kazakhstan and the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Since 2012, the ECOCUP Festival has been a member of the Green Film Network, an international network of Environmental Film Festivals. The festival began as a volunteer project with the journalistic principle "A problem cannot be solved if you don't talk about it." Documentaries are one of the best alternative sources of information and a reason for discussion. After each film, there are discussions with local and international experts, and within the framework of the festival there are meetings, panels and round tables on the topics of ecology, the environment, and sustainable development. In addition, the festival regularly holds master classes in documentaries for Russian directors. Young directors, photographers, writers, and journalists are simultaneously involved in the global environmental movement. Even such a serious topic as ecology can be interesting to be talked about. Films don't just tell about the experience, they inspire. Every year, viewers leave the shows bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. They say: "I can do something too," and also "Everyone should see this movie." Environmental film festivals cannot change the world. People are changing the world. But such films can change people. That is why the festival slogan is "Films that change the future".
With the pandemic onset, the festival found a way out and switched to an online format. Now anyone who has Internet access throughout Russia can watch films and take part in various kinds of discussions, listen to lectures, ask questions. In addition, the festival continues to develop and implements ECOCUP wrangles educational project, where it continues to interestingly discuss issues that are acute for modern society. The project aim is to form a culture of awareness of the Russian audience in the context of sustainable development through cinema. And the hidden, but important goal is to encourage Russian directors to shoot high-quality documentaries on social and environmental topics. Tasks: Screening of foreign and Russian documentaries about ecology, people, innovations; Invitation for various kinds of discussions of scientists, specialists, experts, directors, movie characters; Expanding the audience by covering related areas; Engaging the audience in various kinds of discussions, etc. Attracting an audience to the festival work;