MBUK “Exhibition Hall”



The workshop at home performed by artists and masters of the DPI of Mezhdurechensk. The project is intended for presenting talented people of the city to the public, establishing the creative online environment, encouraging artists and masters of DPI to the new format of working with the audience.

The project is implemented by MBUK “Exhibition Hall” together with the city club of artists and masters of decorative and applied creativity “Kolorit”. The creative work results in video workshops, which are published in the Internet resources of the institution (website, pages in social networks).
The project is growing and developing. Members of the club “Rakurs” willingly take part in creation of video content. Currently, the workshops are released once a month. The town of Mezhdurechensk, a mining town in the south of Kuzbass, the number of population which does not exceed 100,000 people, is rich in not only black gold, but also talented people. To date, in the city club of artists and masters of DPI “Kolorit”, there are more than 300 people, most of them take part in exhibition activities, and are happy to share the secrets of their skills.
MBUK “Exhibition Hall” has been conducting for many years workshops performed by artists and masters of DPI. The workshops are in great demand among citizens and guests of our city. The project was born in 2020, during the period of restrictions related to epidemiological events. The action team of the club “Kolorit” decided to start work on shooting a series of video workshops for art lovers, with their subsequent placement on the online resources of MBUK “Exhibition Hall”.