Apollinaria Evdokimenko



5 sculptures created in Bali by photogrammetry were transferred to the dgtl environment, and the first video monologue of the Stillness character was born in the international collaboration.

"Divine States" is a collection of 5 digital works of art (NFT), immersing the viewer in a spiritual journey and opening a portal to the divine. The project originated on the island of Bali, where five sculptures were originally created. Exploring the states of Stillness, Creativity, Honesty, Inner Strength and Empathy, we are approaching the boundary between the physical and spiritual world. This is how the collection authors draw a parallel between human states and the basic elements of life: water, air, fire, earth and love.
The final result is immortalized in the blockchain: this token is presented as a video monologue created on the basis of photogrammetry of real sculptures, subsequently destroyed for eternal life in the Dgtl space. "Divine States" is a series of video monologues, from the first person of the state character. And the first token is dedicated to Stillness: a resource state to which a person returns to hear oneself. Stillness appears from the element of water, embodying harmony with yourself and the world around you. Stillness is the beginning and the end.
The artwork was created in an international collaboration of sculptor Apollinaria Evdokimenko, 3D designer Evgeny Chekhov, actor Lawrence Fuller, composer Woodju, as well as curator Daniel Petersen and writer Marina Kochan. The owner of the unique token receives an exclusive recreated miniature of the original work. Our task was to convey the state, to immerse in feelings, sensations through each medium, that is, through the visual part, sound, voice, words.