"Gazprom Neft" PJSC and Zhestkov.Studio / the Studio of media artist Maxim Zhestkov



A digital "mirror" is a multiscreen controlled by a neural network which generates your digital twin in a real time mode and offers a dialog with him/her.

For participation in SPIEF-2021, "Gazprom Neft" collaborated with media artist Maxim Zhestkov to create the "DIGITAL TWINS" art project which explores the relationships between the digital world and a human being.
The art project submerges a person in six complicated, completely interactive media worlds connected with various aspects of the human nature and inspired by graphic designs of the cutting-edge technologies of "Gazprom Neft" (digital twins of deposits and plants). "Intuition", "Imagination", "Thinking", "Creation", "Emotion" and "Knowledge" media worlds represent constantly changing visual metaphors existing through the co-creation of the natural and artificial intelligences. The art content is created by the neural network in a real time mode based on interaction with people. The silhouette of an approaching person and all their movement are recorded by cameras with depth sensors. To recognize the silhouette, the software uses machine vision algorithms – they ensure seamless integration of the viewer into the content. "DIGITAL TWINS" create a changing environment, where the boundary dividing the real and virtual worlds disappears. People find themselves extremely close to the virtual world the reality of which can not be ignored. Every movement here makes one feel like a part of the virtual reality. Choreographer Vladimir Varnava became the first participant of the project by engaging into the dialogue with a neural network in a language of the plastic arts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKHV0JjcaWQ
The project was presented at SPIEF-2021, as well as online, at the landing www.digital-twins.ru, with an original soundtrack created by joint efforts of the composer and the neural network. GOAL: • For "Gazprom Neft" — promotion of the image of a digital technological leader of the Russian industry in the communications. • For Zhestkov.Studio — an experiment with fully interactive graphic worlds as the experience of total gamification of a business event. OBJECTIVES: • BRIGHT WORLDS. Generation of media worlds — easily recognized visual projections of universal human traits and specific high-tech projects of the oil industry (the worlds allow an ambivalent interpretation and can be perceived differently by different people). • COMPLETELY INTERACTIVE. Development of a software solution able to "see" and "recreate" the unlimited number of silhouettes and movements in a real-time mode, on a macroscale, with completely reliable and consistent movement graphics for all elements in all areas of the screen. • A CULTURAL EXPERIMENT. Generation of a new environment, a new cultural space for a unique psychological and plastic experience in the framework of the most respectable business event in Russia.