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House museum of A. P. Chekhov and stylist Andrey Prozheev tell how to dress in "Chekhov style". Joint project is timed to coincide with the temporary exhibition opening "I am an old representative of the young generation".

To celebrate the 158th anniversary of the birth of the great writer's sister and the first director of the museum, Maria Chekhova, the team of the White Dacha has prepared a new exhibition where Chekhov personality is revealed through the prism of fashion of the late XIX - early XX centuries.
Specially for this event, a selection of Anton and Maria Chekhovs looks was created in collaboration with the famous Crimean stylist Andrey Prozheev. These looks were based on collections of the modern online stores. Andrey Prozheev says that modern fashion is like a collection of quotes - time-tested styles return and designers are actively "quoting" the fashion of the beginning of the last century. "Anton Pavlovich's style is inseparably linked with classic men wardrobe: shades of gray, loose silhouettes, classic shoes with slightly-pointed toe," notes the stylist stressing that accessories call the shots in this look: beautiful hats, thin-rimmed glasses, soft silk bow ties or carelessly-tied ribbons making a statement.
As for Maria Chekhova's look, Prozheev pays special attention to her refinement and elegance expressed in every detail. "One should note striped and polka dot prints in her wardrobe — the most trendy nowadays - and shoes or ballet flats in combination with a thick socks — quite a cutting-edge style," shares the stylist and adds that detachable lace collars and cuffs from the Chekhov times are also back. The museum's cooperation with Andrey Prozheev continues — the stylist is also preparing a video about the new exhibition in the White Dacha and fashion of the past and the present. Looks created by the stylist as part of the Culture in Fashion collaboration can be seen on social networks and on the museum's website.