Russian Institute of Theater Arts - GITIS and the Red Square Media Group


Virtual talent show where all the young people could try to enter GITIS in 2020. Come Back Tomorrow! project has become a chance for many young people, who dream of becoming an actor, to show their talents to the admissions committee online, without leaving their houses.

Participants had to pass the qualifying stages of creative competition and acted online in front of the professional jury. At the second stage, digital communication came live, and at the final stage, the best participants got the opportunity to prove themselves at the in-person creative exam and meet with the admissions committee face to face.
Participants had to pass a preliminary online casting. They had to make a video consisting of a short greeting, their answer to the question "Why it should be me who enters GITIS?" and an extract in verse or prose. Come Back Tomorrow! is a unique Russian format. It is dedicated to the memory of the famous journalist and producer Sergey Kushnerev who gave the authors this idea about 20 years ago. Applicants from 121 Russian cities and 13 different countries took a chance of participating in the project.
The admissions committee included leading drama teachers of GITIS and famous graduates of the theater institute. 40 people were selected for the start of the project. Creative online competition consisted of four stages, each for ten contestants, and only two out of every ten made it to the finals. In the finals, winner was selected from eight applicants in a face-to-face competition and was enrolled in the acting faculty of GITIS. The project has gained 440,284 views in total on different platforms.