St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution of Culture Petroconcert, Jeonju International Sori Festival (Republic of Korea)



A Russian-Korean production performed entirely remotely. The event combined symphonic music and Russian ballet with Korean musical heritage. The project is timed to coincide with the Year of Mutual Cultural Exchange between Russia and Korea.

The performance is a joint project of Petroconcert and Jeonju International Sori Festival, one of Asia’s largest festivals, listed by Songlines as one of the top twenty-five musical forums in the world.
The idea of the video production is to combine an academic symphony orchestra, choir, and Russian ballet with traditional Korean melodies and national dance. The video production brings together the results of the creative work done by the St. Petersburg and Korean teams in a remote format during the pandemic. Russian and Korean artists presented traditional Korean melodies in original arrangements — A Dream I Never Dreamed, Hwachojang, Eotmori Bolego and Arirang. Sound and video recording of the Russian part of the project was made in the historic interiors of the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum. Its participants included St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra conducted by people’s artist of Russia Sergey Stadler, the Baltic Chorus, and ballet soloist Anastasia Trifonova. The Republic of Korea was represented by leading Korean folk musicians — masters of soljanggu, ajaeng, pansori vocal music and Taepyeongso flute, as well as a soloist of Taepyeongmu national dance. Performances of the Korean artists were accompanied by orchestral music recorded in Russia and took place on a three-dimensional screen-cum-scene, on which the audience can see St. Petersburg orchestra musicians and the ballerina. The video production premiered on March 2, 2021 on the «Stay Home with Russian Seasons» platform of the Russian Seasons Festival and on the YouTube video hosting site. The show was also held at the Catherine Assembly of Petroconcert through a virtual concert hall. Park Jae Jung is the director of the production, and Mi Yeon is the musical director, composer and arranger.
The aim of the project is to create a joint cultural product reflecting the results of interaction between the cultures and musical traditions of the two countries, offering the viewer an unusual format of Russian-Korean collaboration as a forced alternative to "live" joint concerts during the pandemic. Project objectives: - development of the project concept (combining academic music and Russian musical traditions with Korean cultural heritage); - creation of unique original arrangements of Korean motifs specifically for symphonic performance; - ensuring technical side of the project (preparation of sound and video equipment, stage and platform for the performance, equipment for integrating the final results of work); - video and audio recordings of the artists’ performances: first by the Russian side and then by the Korean side, whose part of the project used the Russian part as an input; - integrating the final results of work: editing, video design, etc.; - premiere screenings and promotion of the project.