Educational quest from the Darwin Museum shows the potential of future technologies, tells about the exhibits in a new way and successfully attracts a youth audience to the museum.

Created on the basis of the Darwin Museum, the quest is the most large-scale one in Russia (about 1000 meters of the total route) and one of the biggest indoor quests in the world.
Code of Life project was created by the museum i cooperation with Microsoft and and is based on multimedia technologies: players interact with real exhibits in AR mode and navigate the museum halls by means of 3D map. There are more than 30 exhibits in the quest — existing and extinct animals from moonfish to velociraptor.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, application was complemented with a virtual quest mode where the museum is shown through a full 360°. The number of the quest's recurring users is several times higher than that of a regular museum application — the game motivates to learn more about the exhibits initiating the process of active learning.