Chuvash Republican Children’s and Youth Library budgetary institution of the Chuvash Republic, Ministry of Culture, Nationalities and Archives of the Chuvash Republic



The project includes 1,827 works, 80 Chuvash authors, their biographies, audio recordings, puzzles, crosswords and coloring books. Adapted for mobile devices.

The e-Library was created by a team of specialists from the Chuvash Republican Children’s and Youth Library using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation to support creative projects of national importance in the field of culture and art.
It presents signature works for children from the literary heritage of Chuvashia. 1,827 works by 80 Chuvash writers and poets are available in text format and 150 works in audio format. The project offers digitized texts of works in Russian, Chuvash and English. The user can view illustrations, download texts, listen to audio recordings of works, and repost them in social media.
The structure of the library includes the following sections: Periods, Authors, Genres, Let’s Read, Let’s Listen, Let’s Play. The e-Library is accessible via the Internet, adapted for the visually impaired and for reading from cell phones, smartphones and tablets. Access to e-Library for Internet users is carried out in accordance with the current copyright law. The work of editing and enriching the library continues.