Municipal Autonomous Culture Institution “Municipal Information and Library System”


In the interactive format, the project expands visual representations of the home city of Kemerovo in its historical context. Transforms modern views of the city to their historically earlier images. Provides brief historical reference about objects with photos.

Kemerovo is a relatively young and beautiful city with its own uneasy destiny of development. Each of the Kemerovo residents love this dear for them city in their own way. And everyone of them has his/her favorite places: parks, squares, streets, houses… Our educational local history project of the interactive excursion “Brush of History” is designed to tell about the past and present of the city, and illustrate this, showing what our lovely Kemerovo is!
The “Brush of History” project is a gift from MAUK “MIBS” for the anniversary of the city of Kemerovo, prepared jointly with the Public State Institution of the Kemerovo Region “State Archive of the Kemerovo Region”, financially supported by the Department of Culture, Sports and Youth Policy of the Kemerovo City Administration and the Mikhail Prokhorov Charitable Foundation for Cultural Initiatives.
The project will make it possible to expand visual representations of the home city in the historical context by using the interactive format, transforming modern views of the city to their historically earlier images with presentation of brief historical references about the object, its photographs, allowing users to supplement their local lore knowledge. The project activity involves the residents’ home archives containing old photographs and documents, which will contribute to solving the important task of creating the unified photo resource accessible to users not only from the city, but also of the entire Internet.