BRICS. The World of Traditions RPO


Online video contest dedicated to the traditions of hospitality of the BRICS countries with the holding of the "Hospitality Festival of the BRICS Peoples" with the awarding of the winners

In Russia and other BRICS member countries (India, China, Brazil, South Africa), a project has been implemented since November 2020, the main purpose of which is the cultural exchange of the hospitality traditions of the five nations through video creativity presented using innovative technologies of hospitality storytelling.
According to the results of the work of the grand International Jury (21 Jury members + 5 Jury Chairmen, one from each BRICS country), 9 participants from five countries in three nominations became the Competition winners. As part of the "Russian stage of the youth festival of hospitality storytelling of the BRICS peoples" (hereinafter – the Festival), an international final press conference will be held in Kaliningrad on October 28, 2021, which will be attended by representatives of the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation, International Life magazine, TV BRICS media platform, local All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (offline: 20 participants) and foreign media (online: 15 participants). The solemn ceremony of awarding the Winners and Diploma Holders of the Competition will take place within the framework of the Russian stage of the Festival, which is planned to be held at the Central House of Cinematographers in Moscow in June 2022 (about 700 participants). India will be the next relay country. As part of the BRICS PLUS International Youth Forum, the final press conference of the Competition will be held on December 12, 2021 at the International Indian Centre, New Delhi.
The Indian stage of the Festival will take place in November (December) 2022 in the cities of New Delhi, Noida, Pune, where the Indian target group of project participants is located. The festival, like the whole project, will help to harmonize the emotional and spiritual and moral state of the target group of participants. According to the results of monitoring of websites and social networks where videos and materials of the Competition were posted, the number of youth representatives in the project from the BRICS countries amounted to about 800 people. In the following years, it is planned to organize the stages of the Competition in China (in 2023), South Africa (in 2024) and Brazil (in 2025). The project aim is to preserve the emotional and spiritual and moral health of the BRICS youth by immersing them in the creative and positive atmosphere of the hospitality traditions of their people with the desire to introduce them to young citizens of other countries for emotional "recovery" ("emotional management") after the intense period of the pandemic. Objectives: 1) Informing young people about the Competition. 2) Creation of a feedback mechanism with the participants of the Competition. 3) Collection of applications for the Competition. 4) The work of the International Jury to identify the winners of the Competition. 5) Holding an event of the Russian stage of the Youth Festival of storytelling of hospitality of the BRICS peoples (hereinafter referred to as the events) in 2022. 6) Holding the Indian stage of the event in 2023. 7) Holding the Chinese (in 2023), South African (in 2024) and Brazilian (in 2025) stages of the event.