Petya I Volk LLC


BALKON Fest turns balconies into theatrical stages and monitor screens into auditoriums.

A project that amalgamates architecture, poetry, theatre and cinema. The festival’s first season kicked off in the spring of 2019 in an online format as a response to the challenges of the new reality. Today, the Balkon Fest is an ever-expanding platform with a lot of content about theatre and the urban environment. At the forefront of the festival are short films featuring favourite artists who enter the balconies of different cities across the country to share essential poetry and prose.
In the third season, we focused on the nature of artistic reflection — together with the audience, we sought an answer to the question of how the creative soul works. RESPONSUM POETICUM or «Poetical response» is the name of our third festival season. Julia Peresild, Victor Verzhbitsky, Alexandra Rebenok, Igor Petrenko, Anton Shagin, Maria Smolnikova, Leonid Kanevsky, and many others joined us on this voyage.
The project’s mission is to popularize the richest literary heritage of our country. Together with our favourite film and cinema artists performing from the balconies we are looking for a new sound to the verses familiar from childhood, introducing the audience to contemporary authors, and opening the doors to the infinite world of literature.