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Multimedia project about important family and social values in Kyrgyzstan.

Ak Bata. Blessing for You— is an online platform initiating a dialogue on family values in Kyrgyzstan as part of the projects of the Open Line Fund for the Prevention of Domestic Violence.
Project reveals the cultural code of traditions and family values through the image of the Tush kiyiz Kyrgyz carpet and a mother's blessing embedded in a special pattern of the carpet: "In the past, when a girl in Kyrgyzstan got married, her mother pronounced a blessing for her — Ak Bata. She embroidered these words into the patterns of a special Tush kiyiz carpet given to her daughter as a dowry. Tush kiyiz is a letter. You can read the most important wishes for the future family there: health, prosperity, peace, love and mutual respect."
Project shows how the sound turns into a drawing and the words of wishes - into an ornament. Interactive elements help you to immerse into both the process of making a carpet and to each of the seven family stories told by the heroines of the project. Grandmothers and mothers, embroidering the Tush kiyiz, filled it with their good wishes and blessings for a happy life, mutual understanding and support in the future family - to the daughter, her husband and her children. Ornaments of Tush kiyiz retain the meaning of love, support, warmth and well-being in the family. Where there is no place for violence.


How to come up with an outstanding online cultural project?

Design thinking is a universal tool for creating or improving projects of any type. It combines a coherent logic of defining the stages and outstanding creative approaches for generating ideas and developing concepts. This is the most important tool for us in Gonzo-Design when we are working on the projects.

What hidden pitfalls should be kept in mind?

Design thinking is activated when the task is very complicated and standard analytical approaches do not work. Such projects often start from a zero point, if not to say from a minus one: you realize that something has already been done but you have to take a step back and start anew. ⠀ When I finalized the project steps, I got 10 of them: 1. Setting the task; 2. Research; 3. Creating an idea; 4. Concept development; 5. Concept verification; 6. Financial analysis; 7. Prototype development; 8. Prototype verification; 9. Finalizing; 10. Launch. Afterwards, I reduced this list to 4 points. Instead of the steps, I got the values of design thinking that we at Gonzo follow when creating our projects: 1. Human-centricity; 2. Creativity; 3. Innovation; 4. Antifragility. You can learn more about the projects from the lectures of the Gonzo-Design founders (Alexey Poleukhin andKsenia Diodorova) on YouTube.