"Thursday" Fund of Cultural Projects


The all-Russian contest and professional development program for those implementing the projects in the field of culture and arts.

"Accelerator of Cultural Projects" is a unique online program of professional development and expert support for authors of cultural initiatives, employees of organizations in the field of culture, cultural managers and all people that make cultural projects in Russia.
Accelerator is not a development program only, but also a dynamic community that covers initiatives from all across Russia, helps find like-minded individuals and generates the first base of knowledge and references in the field of cultural design. Accelerator participants go through a training program where they improve their projects quality at all stages, and in the finale, hold a project pitching session. Route of participants: – All-Russian contest: experts select 100 best projects for the program. – Authors of 100 most interesting initiatives go through an online training program delivered by experts: 6 large workshops for step-by-step development of their projects. – Based on the results of presentations, 50 best projects are selected. Their authors go through the second round of training: 9 large workshops for detailed refinement of each element of the project — from its mission to the resources and partnerships. – The final pitch session: an opportunity to make the partnership offer to the Fund and to find opportunities for collaboration with other participants.
The training program of the Accelerator consists of 2 stages and includes: – 3 large interactive workshops on key topics of cultural design: the project formula, working with the audience, project presentation. In the end you will make a compelling presentation for the project. – 6 workshops where the project is developed step by step – from the mission to the budget. Topics: project results and time schedule, value of the project for the audience, project image and PR, partnerships and collaborations, project resources, efficient planning, Q&A with the Fund’s expert. As a result, you will refine the project completely and create three large documents: a time schedule, a media plan and finance plan. A Telegram chat with individual assignments and comments, access to all the original materials of the Fund on management (books, webinars). The goal of the project is to increase the quality level of cultural initiatives all across Russia and to professionalize their authors and employees. Project objectives: 1. Using the development online program, to provide support to the promising cultural projects from various regions of Russia through increasing professional competence of their authors. 2. To activate trans-regional cultural ties and to encourage development of new initiatives and partnerships. 3. To enable expertise development, experience exchange and knowledge base expansion in the field of cultural design through the online format of the Accelerator’s development program. 4. To make expert and consulting support in the field of cultural design more available for a larger number of people due to the Accelerator online format.