Regional State Autonomous Cultural Institution “M. B. Shatilov Tomsk Regional Museum of Local Lore”



A theatrical and museum project about family memory created using AR (Augmented Reality) technology.

This is a performance in a unique space with seven main characters: seven audience members and one actor. Essentially, it is a single-exhibit theater space in which seven stories about one family heirloom unfold. The stories take place both in the real world and in the world of magic, created with the help of new technologies.
Our 7x7 project is a cyber-theater, which combines multimedia technologies in the stagecraft, and a professional actor interacts with video projections, the scenery — with computer programs. The viewer becomes “embedded” in what is happening on stage with the help of modern devices. The main idea of the concept of our theatrical production using augmented reality technology is to combine the real and virtual worlds during the play’s action. The capabilities of augmented reality help create digital objects and images that will act as scenery, props, and other characters in the story. The play consists of seven short plays that last seven minutes each. But the whole is a complete work of seven stories.
Before the performance, each spectator is given a tablet with an AR application. In the application, the viewer sees the scene and digital objects integrated into the real environment: virtual static and animated 3D models, visualization of space and/or landscape. The moment the performance starts, a script is initiated in the apps of all viewers. A performance unfolds on the stage: an actor performs and interacts with virtual reality objects, the scenery changes. Through the app, the viewer sees both the actor and the virtual reality objects in a single space. Without the app, the viewer sees only the actor on stage with no virtual scenery or objects. The actor follows the development of the AR-script with a special monitor (something like a prompter) located on the floor so that only he can see it. This monitor displays a general picture where you can see the actor and the AR objects.